Doe Creek Capital, LLC is a Nevada Limited Liability Company engaged in providing its expertise in Gaming operations and game development.

Equipment Financing

With years of experience, Doe Creek Capital provides gaming equipment for the emerging markets. We provide electronic game machines and terminals for the slot floor in exchange for a percentage of revenue generated by the equipment. With our expertise, we work to maximize that revenue by aiding the operator, in floor layout, betting configurations, theme choices and promotions that work.

Table Games

Additionally, Doe Creek creates new table games. These games are specifically designed to enhance player excitement and increase the total wager at the table. Our team has designed many games you see in use today.

Triple Threat Roulette

Triple Threat is played on a Roulette Table with a standard Roulette wheel and all the accompanying Roulette equipment. In addition, there are 3 additional special chips (per available player) that may reside with the table that players can opt to buy.

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My River Hold'em

My River Hold’Em is played in a poker room on a standard poker table with one dealer, and anywhere from 2-10 players. The game utilizes one standard 52-card deck.

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